Jean-Marie Tesse
The 25th anniversary
Special dates....for this exceptional event!

For once, the edition of the Worldwide Basketball Tournament, Robert and Zoe Scrive's Challenge, is not going to take place during the Easter weekend, but on the 18-19-20-21-22 June 2014.

For two reasons :
The first : after having dreaming about it, we are going to realize it : to gather in Tourcoing the best National U20 Teams from around the world.
The second : to finalize this project and obtain the agreement from the invited Selections, we were obliged to change the dates for this memorable event for Tourcoing.
For one objective : to make well-known this tournament for the future Worldwide Championship and attract most of the sportive Federations.

After the amazing adventure of 2013, related by all of the medias, our aim is the full success and to gather all our energy to get it.

Only adds to the need to try to do everything well.
To all of those who have been following us for years, to all of those who are ready to join us, we say to you. WE RELY ON YOU!
We could forget what we say... but never what we have already done.

The city of Tourcoing is proud to welcome the World Basketball Tournament of La Jeune Garde for its 25th edition.

This international tournament marks a strong moment for Tourcoing. Unavoidable for all of the young basketball players with a high-level coming from all over the world, it is also for the audience of Tourcoing, the metropolitan and the Belgian. Such a promising and amazing event with good games and shared emotions.

I would like to warmly thank la Jeune Garde and also his partners, with their numerous initiatives by investing themselves and make the sport lively in Tourcoing. Because sport conveys the essential educative values such as pushing yourself to your limits and the taste of the effort, but also the respect of the rules and fraternity.

To support and develop the competitive sport, but also the sport in general for everybody, that is the committed challenge decided by the municipal team.

Hurray for the Basketball and Hurray for the sport in Tourcoing!

Michel François DELANNOY
Maire de Tourcoing
Vice-Président de Lille Métropole
Communauté Urbaine
Conseiller Général du Nord

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